Do YOU Know What's in Your Child's Capri Sun? The Answer Will Disgust and Anger You!

"ALL NATURAL???"  Really?

"ALL NATURAL???"  Really?

I'm not sure why any parent would let their child ingest the chemical sh*tstorm otherwise known as Capri Sun, but it looks like mold and worms are among the other nasty ingredients that Kraft dares call "All Natural." 

Apparently, this is not a new problem.  This has been going on for years and YouTube is filled with news footage and customer-made home videos of this problem.  

What does Kraft say?

We recently received word from a consumer about an issue with a Capri Sun pouch. We understand that some of you are concerned. Now that we’ve tested the material, we’ve confirmed it was mold. While unpleasant, it is not a safety issue. If this had been a safety issue, Kraft Foods certainly would have taken the necessary steps, including issuing a recall.

As a general food safety tip, please remember that because Capri Sun beverages don’t have preservatives, a leaky pouch can cause the beverage to spoil and discarding it is the right action to take.

So wait, MOLD is "NOT a safety issue?"  And even more fantastic is that Kraft is leading consumers to believe that Capri Sun is a natural products made with no preservatives.

What are the ingredients in Capri Sun?  Let's take their cherry flavor, for instance, the "all natural" juice drink that "contains 0% juice," which it clearly states just above the nutrition facts below. 

Do any of these sound "All Natural" to you? Perhaps there are no preservatives, but really, with all that in there, why not?  If you think this "frankendrink" is acceptable for your child to drink, you'd probably prefer preservatives over mold and worms, albeit the latter are also "all natural."

Oh, and don't forget that Kraft was sued for falsely claiming that Capri Sun was "all natural."

So what should you do as a parent?

  • First, if you have any Capri Sun, please throw it out and never buy it again.  
  • Second, do your best not to purchase or consume drinks in boxes or packets that are not fully transparent.  Who knows what could be hiding in there, as evidenced here.  
  • Most importantly, however, teach your children to enjoy water.  It is the one drink that is truly sugar free and all natural.  They may resist at first, but you are their parent.  Insist on it as you would insist that they take their medicine if they were ill.  This is worth the fight, so stand your ground!

And I will leave you with a couple more videos to drive the point home.  

For the sake of your children's health, please don't let them drink this poison ever again.