Welcome to my healing shop.  Not do I personally use every one of the products on this page, but I ALWAYS have them in my kitchen, medicine cabinet, or fridge in the event someone gets sick, and I highly recommend that you do too.   I'll be adding additional products and categories all the time, so please check back often for other great recommendations.

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The dark berries from the elder tree may have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer properties and have been shown to shorten the duration of colds and flus, and help boost the immune system, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.  My family and I use this product daily as a preventative measure from October to May.  In the event one of us gets sick (which is rare), we bump it up to a teaspoon 3x a day, which always seems to get us back on our feet in just a day or two.

I recommend this particular brand, because it is the purest black elder berry product I've found to date.  It is the only brand that is free of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and any other unnecessary additives. Moreover, it has one of the highest concentrations of Sambucus Nigra L., the active ingredient, of any other brand.

THE recommended brand by The Weston A. Price Foundation and the gold standard in pure fish fat/oil from cod liver extracted through fermentation rather than cold/hot temps or chemical extraction as the rest of the industry uses. It is one of the best sources of Vitamins A + D and Omega-3 EFAs available.  Here’s more information on why this should become a part of your daily regimen. I highly recommend the liquid over the capsules.  It is taken in combination with the fermented skate liver oil below.  I highly recommend the liquid over the capsules and prefer the Arctic Mint flavor over any other.  Syringe included for ease of use, especially with children.  Taken in combination, this fermented cod liver oil and fermented skate liver oil are one of the primary reasons my family and I rarely get sick.

THE best choice for cartilage fish oil.  Skate liver oil is complete in its offering of many nutrients in a similar balance as cod liver oil.  Unlike shark liver oil, skate liver oil is abundant in vitamins A, D, E, K and the full range of Omega fatty acids.  Plus it has all the unique nutrients found in shark liver oil such as Chondroitin, Squalene, and Alkoxyglycerols.

Skate liver oil is an exceptionally rich source of DHA.  It contains slightly more EPA/DHA per serving than fermented cod liver oil at 15-16% DHA, 12% EPA.  The skate oil provides a slightly different vitamin D profile than the fermented cod liver oil, so there is an advantage in taking them in combination.  Vitamin D is critical to good bone health and help lower risks of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. 


Zinc promotes healthy skin, hair and nails, supports normal taste and vision, and promotes the synthesis of collagen in bone tissue.  It also supports cell growth and DNA formation. However, these are not the primary reasons I take it.  It is not part of my daily regimen, but I keep it in my medicine drawer and take it at the first sign of a sore throat or stuffy nose... in fact, the sooner, the better.  Miraculously, it knocks out an oncoming cold or flu virus more effectively than anything I've ever taken. Although you may find cheaper brands of zinc, this is my brand of choice, because (1) the chelated form of zinc in this formulation promotes optimal absorption, (2) Solgar is one of the most reputable brands, and (3) This product consists of Albion chelated zinc (Albion Labs makes the highest quality, fully reacted chelates vs. cheap chelated minerals like many of the other brands use).

Sure, some people may take Cold-Eze, but who needs the extra sugar and the nasty additives in those disgusting tasting candies.  Instead, I pop two of these in the morning and two at night at the first sign of any symptoms, and nine times out of ten, they are gone within 12-24 hours.  



Activated charcoal is a fine, black powder that is odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic.  It used medicinally as well as in air purifiers and water purifiers.  Its recorded use dates back to 1550 BC and in modern times is most widely used medicinally as a detoxifier and poison antidote.  It is also used to reduce intestinal gas (flatulence), lower cholesterol levels, prevent hangovers, and treat bile flow problems (cholestasis) during pregnancy.

I always keep it on hand for accidental ingestion of toxins, food poisoning, or stomach bugs.  It adsorbs most organic toxins, chemicals and poisons before they can harm the body.  Activated charcoal works by binding (adsorbing) chemicals, thus reducing their toxicity (poisonous nature), through the entire length of the GI tract and Is estimated to reduce absorption of poisonous substances nearly to 60%.  It is also very effective when taken in response to a "die-off" reaction, as it binds to the released toxins that are circulating in your blood and holds on to them until they can be safely released through your bowel (you may notice black streaks in your stool). 

word of caution when taking activated charcoal:  Do not take charcoal with any other medicine. Take your dose of charcoal at least 2 hours before or 1 hour after a dose of any other medicine.  Charcoal binds to other drugs and can make them less effective, which could become dangerous for those who depend on prescription medication.  As always, please consult your physician to determine whether activated charcoal is appropriate for you.

If you have just come off an antibiotic regimen, you need to replenish the good bacteria that was affected by it.  Bio-Kult is one of the top brands of expert-recommended therapeutic-grade probiotics. 

GAPS Recommended  Bio-Kult Advanced Probiotic was formulated by a team of doctors, including Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) author Dr. Campbell McBride, and is recommended for those on the GAPS Nutritional Program.  Bio-Kult is a unique multispecies, multistrain probiotic with 14 strains of beneficial bacteria.  This means that Bio-Kult can deliver high concentrations of beneficial bacteria to colonization sites in the gut and therefore be able to help a more diverse range of digestive disorders.  The beneficial bacteria in Bio-Kult are micro-encapsulated during the freeze drying process, which means that (1) they are protected from the harsh acid environment of the stomach and are therefore, able to colonize the full length of the GI tract; and (2) that the process allows Bio-Kult to be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration.  

Guidelines for general use:    1 - 2 capsules once or twice daily with food. If taking two or more capsules daily, you should split the dose between two meals.   If you are taking antibiotics. Take 4 capsules daily, ideally at a different time of the day from the antibiotics.  Continue taking for at least 2 weeks after completing the antibiotic course.  Children under 12 - half adult dose.  Or as recommended by your doctor or healthcare practitioner.  

Bio-Kult is completely safe, has no contraindications and carries no risk of overdose.  Capsules can be pulled apart and the contents sprinkled on to food, mixed in a drink or swallowed whole.