Unhealthy, stressed, and unproductive employees negatively impact your bottom line. Studies show that health related costs for employees who are struggling and suffering in overall wellbeing are 41% and 62% higher, respectively, as compared with employees who are thriving. 

Source: GALLUP

Fortunately, considerable improvements in energy, concentration, mood and overall health are as close as the kitchen, and my workshops and programs can teach your staff how to eat, move, and enhance their health so they feel better and work better.  No more energy drink addictions, lunchtime binges, mid-morning caffeine slumps, or afternoon sugar crashes. Eating better translates into feeling better, which means being more productive at work.   

My programs are customized to the specific needs of your organization and designed to help your employees improve their health and wellness, thereby increasing  productivity, reducing healthcare costs and sick days, and fostering a healthy work environment. Choose or combine personalized workshops, lunch-n-learn presentations, wellness challenges, group coaching, in-depth one-on-one nutrition counseling, and cafeteria/food consulting.  

Your employees will learn how proper nutrition can:

  • Improve overall health by making simple, realistic, gradual changes over time

  • Naturally boost energy, focus, and mood

  • Control food cravings and reduce stress throughout the day

In addition to the many quantitative benefits of implementing my programs, your organization will also reap many qualitative ones, such as elevated morale, increased teamwork and community, and an appreciative staff for the best gift of all:  a lifetime of healthy living.   

As employees are the most important asset of any company, it follows that maintaining and improving their health and wellness should be a priority for every organization.  Contact me to set up a time to discuss your top employee concerns and devise a strategy to cut your organization's healthcare costs, improve productivity, and boost overall employee health and morale.  Let's get the ball rolling!  

Email me at info@newtritionny.com