Pastured vs. Organic Eggs: Is There a Difference


I ran out of pastured eggs and didn't want to buy more, because we were leaving town for Thanksgiving.  This means that I had go down to Whole Foods to buy their organic eggs, instead of my usual weekly delivery from the local farm.  

Can you tell which are which in the attached photo?  Did you think that the difference would be that marked?

Well, I'm here to tell you that there is a huge difference in color,  taste, consistency,  and of course, nutrition between the eggs of healthy chickens, which are allowed to roam freely and eat grass and bugs (like chickens should) and those which are imprisoned in small cages and fed grain, even if that grain is organic.  In fact, given the choice between organic and pastured, I would always choose the latter.  

I recommend that you go to and find a local farm in your area. You'll be surprised to disvover that not only do some of the farms deliver, which is even more convenient that going to the store,  but that they will also carry other wonderful products, such as fresh produce and/or grass-fed beef, etc.